Below are some pics from the first POTA I did at K-0225 Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge on father’s day 2023 with some of my family (KB8OGP, KF0GHP and KF0GHQ). Unfortunately KF0GHR had to work that day 🙁 All the pictures were taken by KF0GHQ.

It was a gorgeous day for a POTA activation with almost zero wind and partly cloudy!

I ended up working the site for a little under thirty minutes and made 33 contacts! Not bad for a first try.

Below you can see the antenna setup a little better.

This is a homemade linked dipole for 20/40 and at the time what worked for the center insulator was an old medicine bottle. Worked just fine! Also using a 28ft Jackite pole to keep the antenna up. Was also running a Bioenno 6Ah battery into an IC-706 at a power setting of 3 which should be 15 watts out so I don’t overload the battery.

Also some more pictures KF0GHQ took on the hike:

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